Matthew Eck


Founded in 1994 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Doughnut Plant has been innovating the doughnut. Now 27 years in operation, they have 7 stores and a robust coffee program. They are the Home of the Sourdoughnut™, Yeast, cake, vegan & gluten-free doughnuts


Graphic Design

In Store Signage

Menu Design 

Postcards, Stickers, Trifold Brochures, Cards, Various Graphics

Sales & Invoicing 

Outreach for special events

Oversee Production & Delivery

Invoicing & Payment Tracking

Email Marketing & Campaigns

Developed a yearly Social Media & Email Marketing Campaign, based on the rotating flavor calendar and Holidays. 

Program Management & Development

Developed a Nationwide Shipping Program

Holiday Gift Sets 

Created a Merch Program